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In order for any problem to be resolved, it needs to be identified first. Most healthcare organizations fail to diagnose their business problems accurately. AMSAC consultants specialize in identifying problems in the business of healthcare.

Healthcare organizations today face challenges in every area - reimbursement is continuingly being squeezed, patient volumes are increasing, and expectations for service and quality have never been higher. Moreover, new competitors frequently offer patients higher levels of service and convenience. To meet these challenges and build a foundation for strategic growth, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to manage operations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

However, improving operational efficiencies and outcomes is a significant challenge for most organizations.

AMSAC consultants work with healthcare organizations to identify and implement the best opportunities for operational improvements. Through our comprehensive diagnostic assessment, we can help to identify opportunities at both the organization-wide and at department level.

Our assessment considers organization’s use of all resources - staff, supplies, purchased services, and capital. In addition, we have unmatched expertise in evaluating and revising clinical and ancillary systems and workflows to ensure healthcare organizations achieve industry-leading operating efficiencies.

AMSAC consultants create real solutions for clients to maximize revenue and cash collection opportunities through diagnostic services and Revenue-Cycle-Process-Redesign.

Diagnostic services are designed to quickly evaluate and identify areas that require the greatest attention and offer the largest potential for improvement; Revenue-Cycle-Redesign addresses all aspects of revenue cycle process from patient access through collection.

Following are some of the ways AMSAC can help its clients;

  • An assessment of the financial condition of the organization, an estimation of the size of the organization need for financial improvement, scenarios related to internally generated financial improvements, alternative capital funding sources, and alternative clinical configurations and service development initiatives.
  • Identification of opportunities for financial improvement and rationalization of services.
  • Identification of areas of emphasis from which it could grow its market share and improve its service.

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